Requesting a questionnaire

The process below ONLY applies to questionnaires that have been linguistically validated and which are available to license.  

Student/individual licensees are offered only paper questionnaires. 

Requesting a questionnaire on the website:

  1. You can request a questionnaire on the website by going to the 'Find a questionnaire' page and selecting the relevant questionnaire(s) before clicking 'Add to licence application'.
  2. Once you have selected all of the necessary questionnaires, you will be able to review these by clicking the 'Licence applications' folder in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will take you through to complete an application form- please provide as much detail as possible, and, if you already have one, attach a study plan to the application.

Once you checkout you should receive an application number and 2 emails- please check your junk folder also for these. One will say 'Application pending approval' and the other will provide an application number.

What happens next?:

  1. A member of the HPR team will review your application. When your account is approved you will receive an email with a link to set a password. After you have set a password, you can login to the website at any time to view your application.
  2. Your uploaded study plan will be reviewed and you might be contacted if further information is needed. 
  3. Once your study plan has been approved you will be sent a draft Licence Agreement for the questionnaire(s). Please review this and if happy send a signed copy back to us.
  4. Then a member of the HPR team will send you 'For Use' and 'For Information' copies of the questionnaire(s) and a copy of the user guidelines. 

Please allow time for:

  • review of study plan / protocol by HPR.
  • review of draft Licence Agreement by you.
  • signing of final Licence Agreement by you and HPR.