Publications and posters

2019 - Romaine J, Murray M and Bradley C

Validation of the Study Medication Satisfaction Questionnaire (SMSQ). A Measure of Medication Satisfaction Designed for Individuals Taking Pre-Exposure Prophylaxix (Prep) Medication for HIV.

Poster presented at the ISPOR Annual European Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

2 - 6 November 2019


2010 - Simon D, Bradley C, Gönder-Frederick L, Eschwège EM, de Pablos-Velasco P, Vandenberghe H, Bouzamondo H and Parhofer KG

Value in Health 13 (7) A297 (PDB73).

2010 - de Pablos-Velasco P, Bradley C, Eschwège E, Gönder-Frederick LA, Parhofer KG, Vandenberghe H and Simon D

Diabetologia 53: (Suppl 1) S405, Abstract 1012.