Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Professor Clare Bradley has worked on many projects in the field of Health Psychology, which have involved the development of patient reported outcomes including measures for -.

  • Quality of life e.g. ADDQoL, HIVDQoL, AneurysmDQoL
  • Well-being
  • Treatment satisfaction e.g. DTSQ, HIVTSQ, AneurysmTSQ
  • Symptom Rating e.g. HypoSRQ, HIVSRQ, AneurysmSRQ

If you would like to view a table showing Professor Bradley's questionnaires, including measurements and conditions, please download table.  PDF icon View sample ยป (38.83 KB)

These questionnaires have been used to assess and evaluate -

Psychological factors in diabetes management including:

  • The impact of different treatment regimens on quality of life
  • The importance of dietary freedom for quality of life
  • The effects of stress on blood glucose control
  • Cross-cultural issues

Psychological outcomes and processes in the management of:

  • Diabetes in adults (including the frail elderly) and children
  • Kidney failure
  • Growth hormone deficiency
  • HIV
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Macular disease
  • Diabetic retinopathy and other eye conditions including glaucoma and cataract

Treatment technologies:

  • Insulins and other injectables for diabetes; oral hypoglycaemic agents, Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusin (CSII) pumps and other methods of administering  insulin: Blood glucose monitoring; Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) training
  • Transplantation (kidneys and pancreatic islets)
  • Renal replacement therapies including haemodialysis and Continous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
  • Treatments for macular disease and diabetic retinopathy including anti-VEGF drugs such as Lucentis and eccentric vision training for macular disease