Patient Reported Outcome Measures

The Health Psychology Research Group (HPR) specialises in the development and use of Patient-Reported Outcome measures in health-related research.

We recognise the importance of individuals' perspectives of health and quality of life, so we focus on the development of methods to elicit and take account of individual views and experiences of chronic medical conditions.

Based at Royal Holloway, University of London, in Egham and headed by Professor Clare Bradley, the HPR researchers are pioneers in the development of questionnaires for patients with various chronic medical conditions including:

  • Endocrine disorders such as diabetes and hypothyroidism
  • Complications of diabetes including renal failure and retinopathy
  • Eye conditions causing major sight loss including macular disease
  • Viral infections such as HIV and herpes virus

Questionnaires have been designed to measure:

  • Patient Reported Outcomes such as satisfaction with treatment, quality of life and well-being
  • Beliefs and cognitions including locus of control and knowledge measures

Many questionnaires have been translated into a wide variety of languages.  Each translation has undergone extensive linguistic validation work.

When requesting questionnaires, please state the language and COUNTRY.  Each questionnaire must be linguistically validated for the country in which the study takes place, eg English for US, English for Hong Kong, Spanish for Argentina etc.  A language version is not 'generic'; adaptation and validation work needs to be undertaken to ensure cultural equivalence.  Much of our work now involves adapting of an existing language version to ensure the questionnaire is suitable for the target country. Adaptation is a shorter process than starting from the very beginning.

Please click here for lists of our currently available translated questionnaires.

Using the 'Questionnaires' search facility on this website (link in the navigation bar), you will be able to view and download samples of questionnaires in all the languages in which they are currently available.  These samples have been reduced to the introduction and first few questions. Full 'For Information' copies can be obtained from HPR if you need them for IRB submissions or inclusion in a study protocol.

Health Psychology Research Ltd. is an incorporated company which was set up to:

  • Manage Professor Clare Bradley's questionnaires
  • Provide consultancy to support questionnaire use
  • Draw up Licence Agreements
  • Deal with all the legal and accounting administration involved

It is duly authorised to sub-license Professor Bradley's questionnaires on her behalf.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to have a Licence Agreement before using any of the questionnaires.  This will ensure that you:

  • have the latest validated version and will enable you to submit it to regulatory authorities
  • can obtain a Linguistic Validation certificate, if it is required by regulatory authorities
  • can get advice on the optimal use of the questionnaire in your study.

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