ISOQOL 27th Annual Conference, Prague 21 – 24 October 2020

The following abstracts have been accepted as posters at the ISOQoL 27th Annual Confererence (to be held virtually).

Investigating different methods of calculating the impact of long-term conditions on quality of life and comparing the results across patient groups with eye disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia.  Gibbons A, ffytche D and  Bradley C.


Design of a treatment satisfaction measure for patients undergoing varicose vein treatment: the Venous Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire (VenousTSQ). Gilbride CJ, Bayfield J, Wilson A, Bradley-Gilbride A, Gibson K, Gohel M and Bradley C


Design of an individualised questionnaire to measure the impact of cancer on quality of life: the CancerDQoL. Taylor MD, Garden A, Davidson J, Gilbride CJ, and Bradley C.