Translation and Linguistic Validation

You must have a licence from Health Psychology Research Ltd. to translate and to linguistically validate one of Prof. Bradley's questionnaires. Prof. Bradley retains full ownership of translations.  Linguistic Validation work is usually carried out by commercial specialists or, if a licensee has sufficient resources of expertise and time, may be done by a non-commercial team working closely with HPR. The process can take 8 months or more, depending on the language, the questionnaire and the time available to do the work. Adaptations to the same language for a different country take less time but require a similar process.

Non-commercial LV teams: For languages which are written other than from left to right, LV teams must include a member who can reformat the questionnaires, in Word, to the required standard of HPR. Target language versions of the questionnaires are required from the FT stage until formatting of the final versions.