Licensing procedure

Licensing Procedure for Commercial Users:

If you would like to license a questionnaire, or questionnaires, in your study, you will need to complete a Licence Agreement with Health Psychology Research Ltd. As a part of the Licence Agreement we need to see a Study Protocol, which a member of the HPR team will review, in confidence, to ensure the optimal use of questionnaires.

A Licence Agreement is needed for each study and can include any number of questionnaires in any available language.

The fee structure depends on whether the work is commercial or non-commercial (clinical or academic) and whether you will be sponsoring linguistic validation work.

If you would like further information about commercial licensing before making an online application please contact Jonathan Gilbride at

Licensing Procedure for Non-Commercial Users:

In order to obtain the questionnaire(s) for your study, you will need a Licence Agreement giving permission for use.  This will ensure that you are using the latest version(s) and most appropriate questionnaire(s) for your study.

1. You will be asked to send a study plan for review. Please let us know whether you are a student/ supervisor or applying on behalf of an institution on your application. You may be contacted if further information is needed so please allow some time for this and give as much information as possible in your initial study plan.

2.Once this has been reviewed, a draft licence will be sent to you. Please sign and send a copy of this back to us. We prefer scanned signatures and for the final licence to be digitally signed and returned by email.

3.Once we have received a signed copy of the licence from you, we will then send you pdf copies of the questionnaire(s) and full user guidelines. You will receive an email to notify you when the questionnaire(s) are ready.

NOTE:  This procedure only applies to questionnaires in languages currently available.


We do not charge a licence fee for non-commercial use of questionnaires but request a contribution to admin expenses as follows:

Students and personal academic research - no charge

Universities/Hospitals/Clinics etc - £100 if self-funded/non-commercial grant OR £500 if funded with a commercial grant. Invoices are sent by email and payment is made online.

If you require further information or a copy of these forms for completion in order to carry out your study, please contact Kate Moules at