HIVTSQ12: HIV Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire - 12 Questions

Given recent developments in treatment for HIV, the HIVTSQ 10-item questionnaire has undergone further evaluation. In 2014 qualitative analysis of interview data explored face and content validity and in 2016 psychometric evaluation was conducted.

This process revealed that while participants felt that the existing 10 items of the HIVTSQ continued to be important for treatment satisfaction, two new items might usefully be included to assess any discomfort or pain experienced with a treatment and also the ease/difficulty of the treatment.

The recent review of the HIVTSQ has shown that the original 10-item questionnaire continues to work well as a 10-item total scale but there is no longer any clear evidence of subscales within those 10 items. 

The HIVTSQ-12s and c questionnaires now include 11 items which are summed to form an 11-item scale score and one item, item 12 (pain/discomfort) is treated as an individual item score.

The one-factor model of the HIVTSQ12 is an up-to-date appropriate measure of treatment satisfaction for individuals living with HIV. 

Summary guidelines for the updated HIVTSQ12 will be available shortly.


Full Guidelines, including scoring instructions, are available to Licensees on request. Please contact quoting your HPR reference number.