ADDQoL19 - Audit of Diabetes Dependent Quality of Life

This questionnaire for adults with diabetes is an individualised measure of the impact of diabetes on quality of life.

Developed in the early 1990s, evidence for reliability, validity and well responsiveness is well established for the English version and is becoming established for translations.  Translations/adaptations are available in more than 80 languages, with further linguistic validation work in progress.

This latest version of the measure (ADDQoL19) was simplified in various ways in the light of development of other DQoL measures. It is widely used in clinical trials and other studies.

Full Guidelines, including scoring instructions, are available to Licensees on request.  Please contact quoting your HPR or CB reference number.


Update November 2010  -  ADDQoL14 from ADDQoL19

The 14-item version has been created in response to an immediate requirement for an (adapted) English version of the ADDQoL19 in a shorter form. It was designed for use by those people who, for various reasons, might find the longer version too arduous (e.g. low literacy, vision problems). It is available for use, but please be aware that there are no data available as yet for this version, nor any publications.

The five items for exclusion have been selected after careful analysis of psychometric and linguistic data. Five is felt to be the maximum acceptable number of items to drop, given that there are a further five with a ‘non-applicable’ option, leaving a further nine items that will be completed as a minimum number of items by all respondents. The only other changes are to the existing ADDQoL19 wording of two sets of instructions, which have been simplified / shortened.

For more information, please see the standard ADDQoL19 Summary by using the link below.



Full Guidelines, including scoring instructions, are available to Licensees on request. Please contact quoting your HPR reference number.