About us

HPR Ltd was founded in 2003 by Prof Clare Bradley as the commercial arm of her Health Psychology Research Unit (HPRU), which was an independent research unit based at Royal Holloway, University of London. 

Since 2020 Clare Bradley is Professor Emerita of Royal Holloway and has incorporated HPRU into HPR Ltd. The company continues to license questionnaires for use by researchers and clinicians in clinical trials, as well as other research studies, routine audit and clinical practice. In addition, HPR manages the linguistic validation of Prof Bradley’s questionnaires for use in different countries and engages in design and development of new instruments. 

HPR Ltd is based in offices close to the Royal Holloway campus, in Egham. Royal Holloway is located about 20 miles west of Central London and about 5 miles from Heathrow Airport.


Staff information

Professor Clare Bradley - Chief Executive Officer

Professor Clare Bradley is Head of the Health Psychology Research Unit which includes the Diabetes Research Group and Renal Research Group plus additional health-related research projects.

The research and professional activities have two main themes:

  •  Design, development, use, interpretation, linguistic validation and evaluation of psychological measures of processes and outcomes in management of chronic medical conditions, alongside biomedical measures.
  •  Design, analysis and interpretation of clinical trials taking account of patient preferences and other psychological factors affecting biomedical and psychological outcomes.

 Both themes share a common goal of increasing the attention given to psychological processes and patients' psychological outcomes and integrating these considerations with biomedical concerns with a view to improving patient care in terms of health outcomes and quality of life.

The special contributions of work conducted to date include:

- The development of diabetes-specific psychological measures which have proved to have greater reliability, validity and responsiveness to changes of interest in diabetes than have generic instruments.  The success of the instruments is reflected by:

  • Funding to provide comparable measures for other conditions
  • Endorsement and use of instruments by the World Health Organisation and International Diabetes Federation
  • The many contracts with all the major pharmaceutical companies using the scales
  • Linguistic validation of the measures into more than 110 languages world-wide (click here to see lists of current languages and countries)

- The promotion of a paradigm shift away from the widespread acceptance of randomised controlled clinical trial designs for the evaluation of new treatments requiring the active involvement of patients, towards trial designs which take account of patients' preferences for the treatments to be studied; notably partially-randomised patient-centred designs (first suggested by Clare Bradley and Chris Brewin in 1989 - BMJ 299) which have been employed in a number of major clinical trials.


Jonathan Gilbride - Commercial Director

The commercial director and company secretary  of HPR Ltd is Jonathan Gilbride, who has extensive experience managing international companies. He deals primarily with all legal and commercial aspects of HPR's business.  Contact him at  jg@healthpsychologyresearch.com


Linguistic Validation:

Alison Wilson, Manager

Alison manages linguistic validation projects, reviews LV reports and is responsible for the final formatting of new questionnaires. She ensures that sample versions are available to view on the website as part of her role in maintaining the HPR website.


Languages: English, German


Dr Anita Bradley-Gilbride 

Anita works with commercial and non-commercial translators and specialists to produce linguistically-validated questionnaires.


Languages: Romanian, English, German


Dr Andriana Koumbarou

Andriana works with commercial and non-commercial linguistic validation teams to ensure conceptual equivalence and validity of questionnaires across languages and locales.


Languages: Bulgarian, English, Greek, Hindi 



Dr Charlie J Gilbride
Charlie works on electronic adaptations, as well as research, design and development of Questionnaires.



Dr Michelle D Taylor
Michelle is a researcher and HCPC registered clinical psychologist. Michelle works on the design, development and use of questionnaires including the hypoglycaemia symptom measure (HypoSRQ) for people with diabetes and cancer measures. She also has experience of conducting and supervising research using the ADDQoL, DTSQ and W-BQ. 



Kate Moules

Kate is responsible for general administration, supporting HPR Ltd and HPRU and overseeing student licensing.